Jason Rogers Information Technology

Diverse in Linux architecture and Linux system management, Jason Rogers strides goals around the most robust architecture in Information Technology. From intergrating Linux systems in to a Windows environment, migrating Windows to Linux, securing Linux environments, to high level programming. Jason Rogers, experienced with IBM and EMC SAN technology, which delivers a useful tool for high availability to an already sound architect, Linux clustering. With experience in managing Fortune 500 infrastructures, Jason Rogers is able to provide all services revolving around a Linux high end, hard hitting, data infrastructure.

Windows System Management

Along the way while supporting corporate Linux infrastructures, Jason Rogers has gained useful knowledge of Windows system management. Providing high level Windows Server 2000 and 2003 support, high level system side programming, which generally incorporated Linux in to Windows management ( see WinsNexus Windows Mainteance Portal ). Though Jason Rogers shows pride in Linux technology, Jason Rogers is able to support Windows infrastructures just the same.