About Jason Rogers Information Technology

1998 - 2005

With over 12 years in Linux experience, Jason Rogers started his adventure back in 1998 hosting online video games on 102 servers located in America and Europe. Managing Linux servers located in the most well known data centers in the world, Jason Rogers became one of the most well known online video game providers in the world. After four years of hosting game servers, Jason Rogers started to adventure in programming PHP portal based game server control panels. This then led into programming Linux systems to send Linux server side commands to Windows systems opening the door for the Linux systems to control Windows and Linux game servers from a centralized portal located on one machine. After finishing the programming of the portal, all 102 game servers were controled from one centralized server. Later this would become useful in the start of WinsNexus a centralized portal that can control corporate size Windows infrastructures, rebooting Windows servers, installing windows updates, cleaning space issues, and deploying software by setting scheduled cron jobs or tasks from one server through a web portal used by several Fortune 500 companies throughout America and Europe.

2005 - 2008

Working as a contractor through the 2005 - 2008 era, Jason Rogers was able to visit some of the world largest data centers. Managing customers servers, upgrades, programming to high level security server hardening. Jason was able to perform work for some of the worlds well known online merchant websites, such as ebay and the up and coming PHP driven website Facebook. This was a good era in the experiences and knowledge gain which would assist Jason in his next assignment, support a fortune 500 corporate datacenter on a full time basis.

2008 - Present

Electrolux - Frigidaire Major Appliances - Corporate.

Supporting 375 servers that runs the core infrastructure for a very well know corporation, a maker of appliances that are used in almost every household around the world. Jason's daily duties include supporting Linux and Windows servers, managing EMC/IBM SAN technologies and Fiber networks, VMware ESX, IBM Software technologies including Tivoli monitoring, Tivoli backups, and much more during daily duties. Though while managing systems accross the network, Jason is generally called upon to do Linux and Windows programming. Jason has been very successful in deploying and managing Symantec Endpoint Protection and Fiberlink software across the enterprise with scripting and programming knowledge. Last scripting accomplishment was 3300 Fiberlink deployments in 3 days with a self written deployment script. Though much more can be written on day to day duties, Jason has become a well diversed systems management engineer covering almost every aspect of a corporate infastructure.